Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dead Lizards In the Doorway

I grew up in a tropical environment. We had all kinds of lizards and geckos running all over the place. In the house, they were a welcome site as they'd eat all kinds of flies and mosquitoes that might be flying around.

There was a trick we'd do. If there's a gecko on the screen of the window, you can flick the screen right next to the gecko and the screen will act as a trampoline/launching pad and the lizard would go flying. Pretty fun stuff. Once, I was outside my sisters room and there was a gecko on the screen inside the room with her. So obviously I flick the screen window and the gecko goes flying into my sisters room, landing on her and causing a ruckus.

Every once in a while you'd find dead geckos smashed in between the door and the door jam. Even worse, every once in a while you'd realize that you were the one squishing the geckos in the door; you'd hear them crunch and perish.

I like geckos and lizards.


  1. I wish you could convert my mother. She loathes them :)

  2. i love geckos, they are so cute, white, pink, green...
    they always run so fast and scared me.

  3. that's something I definitely have to try!

  4. Following and supporting!